Cat breaks required

It took PC players less than six hours to clear The Division 2‘s raid, Operation Dark Hours, but one lucky PS4 squad has now finally joined those ranks after completing the game’s toughest activity a whole 48 hours after it launched.

Via confirmation through the in-game leaderboard, the team of Bloodshy, Inkist, Tico79, Jaqev, Hansome Lancer, AZPrimeminister, I’m Bats, and H2K Predator beat Operation Dark Hours in 36 hours and 42 minutes. That wasn’t one and a half days of straight gameplay, however, as the eight-man team took advantage of checkpoints located after defeating bosses within the raid in order to take breaks.

It’s quite the achievement, especially so when you consider that the console version has been criticized for not offering the controller accuracy that some of its engagements require. The first boss encounter, with a chap named Boomer, has been causing squads the majority of problems as taking him down requires shooting specific armour pieces and passing agro between players. It’s incredibly hard, but at least we know the feat is possible now.

Have you made an attempt at beating The Division 2’s first raid? Try and matchmake for a group in the comments below.


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