Direwolves. Those were direwolves.


Sunday night’s Game of Thrones series finale will mark the end of an era, and not just for HBO. Over the course of its eight-year-run, the series has inspired a Citadel-sized library of auxiliary media, all of which will presumably come to an end after a final onslaught of tweets, posts, and books about the finale, then disappear until HBO starts churning out prequels. The series has also been a consistent source of premises for Saturday Night Live sketches, some good (“Game of Thrones Sneak Peek”), some bad (“Khal Drogo’s Ghost Dojo”), and some not-technically-about-Game-of-Thrones-but-Peter-Dinklage-probably-wouldn’t-have-hosted-Saturday-Night-Live-otherwise-so-let’s-allow-it (“Mafia Meeting”). SNL’s season finale wouldn’t have been complete without some kind of a nod to the fantasy epic that’s been such an inspiration over the years, so the show pulled out all the stops for a lavishly produced Game of Thrones-themed rap video featuring Pete Davidson, host Paul Rudd, musical guest DJ Khaled, and a cameo from Jacob “Grey Worm” Anderson. Get ready for the ride of your lives, Game of Thrones fans:

This isn’t just a lyrical masterpiece from Davidson: it’s a stirring reminder of just how great Game of Thrones has always been, and just the thing to get you pumped for your Game of Thrones viewing party tomorrow night. Dracarys!

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