Yesterday marked the official Rage 2 release date, and opinions on Avalanche Studios and id Software’s new open world shooter have, thus far, been less than stellar. Indeed, many of the currently available Rage 2 reviews have praised the title for its gunplay while simultaneously taking issue with its world and storytelling. For some, these middling reviews may have been enough to convince them not to purchase the game, but a prompt Rage 2 discount could help swing these players in the other direction.

Specifically, this new Rage 2 discount, which comes just one day after the game’s release, is available through Walmart, and it knocks $10 off the retail cost. This 17% price reduction is applied to the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One versions of Rage 2, giving players across all of the game’s launch platforms access to the title at a cost of $49.94.

While not a certainty, this expedient Rage 2 deal may suggest that initial sales of the title have fallen below the expectations of Bethesda, the game’s publisher. Perhaps the lukewarm reception that the title has thus far received has truly impacted general interest in Rage 2, or perhaps that interest was relatively low to begin with. Certainly, the previous entry in the franchise garnered a similarly average response, and some players may simply not be interested in giving the series another shot as a result.

That said, a number of reviews have been complimentary of the Rage 2 gameplay, with some even comparing it to that which is featured in 2016’s DOOM. Many players have undoubtedly found a lot to love in DOOM‘s action, and the comparison, combined with this discount, could be enough to get those that are on the fence about Rage 2 to bite the bullet and pickup the game.

To note, there is currently no indication of when Walmart’s discount on Rage 2 will come to an end, so players that are interested in the savings may wish to act fast on this deal. Unfortunately, these players will not gain access to the Rage 2 BFG, one of the game’s pre-order bonuses, but some will certainly find a savings of $10 preferable to this special weapon.

Rage 2 is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Walmart

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