After 36 hours it has finally been done: a Division 2 team on console has beat the new Operation Dark Hours raid. The feat was first confirmed by a Division 2 player and member of the raid team on forums and later supported by the in-game leaderboards.

Reddit user Inkist revealed his team’s accomplishment on the Division 2 subreddit on Saturday afternoon. He, alongside players named Bloodshy, Tico79, Jaqev, Handsome Lancer, AZPrimeminister, I’m Bats, and H2K Predator was able to complete Operation Dark Hours on PS4, making them the first team to do so on console. There is also at least one team that beat it on Xbox One in about 17 hours of total playtime.

Inkist says that the team took cat naps in between attempts at the Division 2 raid, and he reckons that the final Razorback boss took 20 hours to complete on its own. That final encounter has proven significantly tricky for console Division 2 players because of the frame rate slowdown that happens with so much activity in a large space. It’s particularly bad when the Razorback launches all of its drones right before the damage phase.

Unfortunately, the Division 2 player doesn’t offer any useful insight into how to beat The Division 2 raid on console. It seems like the obvious answer is just to get lucky, but optimizing a build that focuses on damage and health/armor appears to be key. Because there isn’t a lot of time to take out enemies or bosses before the player goes down, any talent that requires specific scenarios to proc is useless. It’s better to focus on talents that boost damage right away.

Still, the fact that it took 36 hours for one team to beat The Division 2 raid on console, while PC players are now breezing through it in 20 minutes suggests some changes are needed. How exactly Massive Entertainment might balance the raid for console players without making it too easy for PC players is unclear but we would be surprised if the developer didn’t say anything on Monday. Clearly, there is a disparity between the experiences on each platform.

The Division 2 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Inkist

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