After announcing them at the Mobile World Congress last February, the SanDisk 1-terabyte microSD card is now available.

Credit: AmazonYou can buy the nail-sized storage monster directly at the SanDisk online store for $450. The card is also available for Amazon Prime delivery in European countries like Spain, United Kingdom, or Germany. At the time of publication, the card is listed on Amazon’s U.S. site but it says currently unavailable. The price for the Extreme version of the card is about $585 (523 euro) in Europe.

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The Milpitas-based company claims that the card could reach up to 160-megabytes-per-second transferring 4K video files to compatible devices. It can also hit up to 90MB/s writing speed for cameras that can support this speed.

The card price is pretty nuts at this point, compared to the 512GB card with the same transfer speed specs selling for less than half the 1TB’s price tag: just $200.

Other 1TB microSD cards are still missing. Samsung’s announced 1TB microSD hasn’t arrived yet, and neither has Micron’s version, which has a maximum transfer speed of 100MB/s but boosts the video recording speed to 95MB/s.

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