Last year’s big iOS 12 software update was simultaneously Apple’s best update in years and Apple’s most boring update in years. It seems odd, but it’s true. In terms of exciting new features, there really weren’t any to be found. There were plenty of nice refinements like improved notifications, but there really weren’t any new marquee features to speak of. Siri Shortcuts was likely the most notable new feature, and most iPhone users probably don’t even realize it exists.

Instead, the big news in iOS 12 was the fact that it fixed all the big problems in iOS 11. And there where a whoooooole lot of big problems in iOS 11. iOS 12 squashed bugs, it increased speed, and it prolonged battery life. Best of all, it was compatible with every single iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch model that supported iOS 11. Android updates sometimes don’t even make it to smartphones that are a year or two old, but iOS 12 worked on devices that were released as far back as 2013!

Because there were so many issues that needed to be cleaned up last year, Apple fans were fine with an update that was light on excitement. This year, however, iPhone and iPad users are looking to make up for lost time. We’ve heard rumors of a few big additions to iOS 13, which will be unveiled early next month at WWDC 2019. One graphic designer didn’t want to wait until then though, so he created a video to showcase his vision of iOS 13 on Apple’s next-generation iPhone 11.

Image Source: Nicholas Ghigo, YouTube

Graphic designer and blogger Nicholas Ghigo mocked up his vision of iOS 13 on Apple’s next-generation iPhone, and he posted a video showcasing his work on YouTube. Some of the new features shown in the video depict actual new features we expect Apple to unveil during next month’s WWDC 2019 keynote. Others, like the revamped Control Center above and the awesome new Messages interface below, are not expected to make it to Apple’s actual iOS 13 software. That said, we really wish they would.

Image Source: Nicholas Ghigo, YouTube

We also really wish Ghigo’s simple but excellent concept for quick access to the most commonly used emoji would make its way to iOS 13, but alas.

Image Source: Nicholas Ghigo, YouTube

It really is a terrific reimagining of Apple’s iOS platform, and you can check out the full video below.

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